You can pay by "credit card" or pay by "ATM Transfer".

For “ATM Transfer”, please find the information in the photo.

You may take a screenshot here.

Please be noted:

In case of ABSENCE:

The notice must be 48 hours in advance.

In case of sickness, must be 3 hours in advance.

Otherwise, the class will be deducted.

*請留意:本平台是美國平台,您的信用卡公司可能會收取「跨國刷卡手續費 (1.5%)」;




This is a platform of the USA.

The bank of your credit card might charge an additional "1.5% processing / foreign transaction fee" of each transaction's total, which is not listed below.

You may consider use a credit card that offers rewards or cash back for int'l deals.

The currency on this website is settled in "New Taiwanese Dollars" (NTD/TWD).

方案選擇 Package select


Members of the same group are required to choose the same package.

Rates listed below are per person, and each one is billed individually.

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You may receive an "Unenroll" email 2 days after your registration from our system automatically.

It won't affect any of your rights to the course enrolled and thus the mail can be neglected.